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1. Product price:

The price displayed online is the product price, excluding the freight and tariff from China to Russia.


2. Minimum order:

The clothing sales on our website are only for wholesale.

For the first cooperation, most products have no minimum order requirements. One piece can also be shipped, please try it boldly. A few special styles have a minimum order requirement with remarks.

Before shipment, there will be pictures or videos to confirm with you. Only when you are satisfied will they be sent to Russia to avoid unnecessary losses.


3. Order process:

1) Browse the model, size row, color on the website, select the required product, fill in the quantity, and add it to the shopping cart.


2) Register and submit the order. Or please download the order.

Email product model, color and quantity to address

(Please indicate your details when ordering).


3) After receiving the order, we will check the available quantity of the warehouse. And confirm.

——Make changes if necessary, such as when the inventory is insufficient. Change the size or style.


4) You approve the order.

——We check the weight of the goods, and then issue a bill, considering the delivery to our warehouse in China.


5) Please make payment as soon as possible after receiving the invoice, otherwise the availability of the selected products cannot be guaranteed.


6) After receiving the payment, we will deliver the goods within 2-5 working days.


7) Logistics cost:

Logistics costs fluctuate. This is related to the specific product, weight and volume, and the city to which the goods go.


To accurately calculate the cost, please contact the manager:


Our manager calculates the approximate weight and freight of the order when processing the order.

Freight can be paid after receiving the goods.



Generally, we recommend that you use the most economical. Automobile+railway (highway and railway).

Two bags of children's knitted shirts, 183 kg, 1.15 cubic meters in volume, 16000 yuan in price, arrived in Novosibirsk, US $/RMB: 7.0, price kg: 2.4 dollars

 Total cost: US 2.4 * 183 kg+16000 yuan * 2% (safety)+40 yuan * 2 (RMB 40/bag, logistics company waterproof packaging again)=496 dollars,


The transportation company provides four delivery methods:

(1). Received in Moscow

The warehouse is transferred from Guangzhou ► Moscow ► to TC ► for delivery.


(2). Yekaterinburg reception

Guangzhou warehouse ► Yekaterinburg ► transfer to tk ► delivery.


(3). Received in Novosibirsk

Guangzhou warehouse ► Novosibirsk ► issue.


(4). Get your own city's transportation company

Warehousing in Guangzhou ► Manchuria ► cross Baikal ► transfer to tk ► delivery.

I wish you a happy order.